I make handcrafted prayer beads, either on wire (hand wrapped), string, or cord. I have made several sets of Anglican prayer beads, and I have also made a rosary.

Anglican prayer beads have 33 beads: four cruciform beads, four sets of 7 week beads, and a invitatory. Most have a cross where a rosary would normally have a crucifix; though some may have a crucifix, as can be seen below (orange beads). I made these with a crucifix to match the rosary to the left that went along with them.

In contrast, rosaries have many more beads. The typical rosary has five decades (sets of 10 beads), separated by four beads, connected to the centerpiece, and five beads between the centerpiece and the crucifix, for a total of 59 beads.

Rosary, blue glass and sodalite beads on gold wire Anglican beads, orange glass beads on gunmetal wire