You may email me at If you wish to encrypt your message, use my PGP key. If you need to send me an attachment, I recommend one of the following formats; they are listed in order of preference.

There are reasons I prefer these formats. First, they are all open standards. Anyone can create software that uses these file formats, and many have. Because they are well-defined, I am more likely to see what you see.

A note about OpenDocument Format: This is a last resort. While the format is standardized, your document may reference fonts I do not have. PDF is almost always a better choice, because you can embed fonts in a PDF document.

If you need to actively collaborate on a document with me, Google Drive offers at no charge a suite of excellent web-based office applications designed with collaboration in mind. I use it regularly.

I’m not the only one avoiding proprietary formats. Read what Tim Berners-Lee and Richard M. Stallman have to say about email attachments and document formats.